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History - current revision = 2.20

Changes for version 2.20

  1. Removed “TKproE general option“ to “Include PostgreSQL support” since such support is now included in TCL 8.6.

  2. Added the Silk icons to the inventory of icons that can be inserted into an application..

  3. The following bugs were fixed:

    1. The “States” section of the properties dialog box is no longer displayed for:

      1. Text widgets

      2. Table widgets

    2. Edited text for canvas text objects now saves properly.

    3. Corrected inconsistent background colors on Notebook tab properties dialog box.

    4. added a \n at the end of the code in order to properly save a TkTable widget

    5. The Image and Compound options on the Notebook tab properties dialog can now properly update the properties of a ttk::notebook widget.

Changes for version 2.01

  1. An icon was added to the Action button bar to more quickly perform the File/Save function.

  2. Text and Table widgets are now properly saved.

  3. Two dialog boxes were added to allow configuration of child windows within panedwindow widgets.

Changes for version 2.0

  1. The new themed widgets of TK 8.5 are now supported by TKproE 2.0.

  2. Files opened by the File/Open menu item now become the default file name for the File/Save action.

  3. You can now bind events to objects placed on a canvas. This feature did not previously work properly.

  4. The labelwidget option for labelframes is now properly saved.

  5. Saved projects are smaller. Most default values are no longer saved (since they don't need to be).

Changes for version 1.2

  1. The name of the current file being edited is now displayed in the title bar of the TKproE main window.

  2. Fixed the code to prevent the addition of extra blank lines at the end of certain saved procedures.

  3. Added some support for saving pure TCL megawidgets.

  4. The geometry management of paned window children is now saved.

  5. Fixed a few errors related to saving windows and tags for text widgets.

  6. The global variable window now sorts variable regardless of case.

  7. Increased the number of toplevel window attributes that are now saved. (almost all of them)

  8. Namespaces that existed at the start of TKproE are now preserved when loading a new project.

  9. The program now saves pack, place and grid propagate information.

  10. Added support for configuring BLT graph widgets. (Use the BLTgraph.tcl template to add the first graph to a project.)

  11. Added project type as a general option. TKproE will not attempt to save TK components for projects identified as "TCL only".

Changes for version 1.1

  1. Added support for the Tktable widget

  2. Added properties for gridder on properties form

  3. Added extensive library of icons that can be quickly incorporated into applications (Thanks to the libraries distributed by Adrian Davis in his ICONS package. See

  4. Added support for PostgreSQL. When specified by the TKproE general options dialog, TKproE will include the pgintcl library into your application. You can then use the pgintcl commands to access data from a PostgreSQL server.

  5. Corrected treatment of the file path separator character on command line under Windows

  6. TKproE now uses the auto-save directory stored in the configuration file.

  7. Adding a cascade item in the menu editor will now automatically create a new menu widget.

  8. The documentation has been extended by 25% and is now in PDF format.

Changes for version 1.01

  1. Added a parameter watch window that can be used to monitor the current value of any variable.

  2. Included some sample widget templates with the distribution.

  3. Significantly improved the behavior of configuration windows (e.g. font selection) that the user may keep open even after the associated widget has been destroyed.

  4. Removed a reference to a Windows color name.

  5. Fixed an assortment of other minor bugs.

  6. Expanded the documentation.

Revision 1.0

Initial public release

This page last updated November 27, 2016

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