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Used for TCL/TK program development

TKproE is an integrated program development environment for the TCL/TK scripting language. TKproE, itself, is completely written in the TCL/TK language.

TKproE supports the rapid development of sophisticated graphical user interfaces. TKproE takes advantage of TK, a widget set that is accessible through TCL, a very efficient interpreted programming language. With TKproE the user can build or modify application programs while they are running. This makes it possible to test program changes immediately without the cost of compiling the application.

TKproE is an Open Source product.

TKproE 2.01 requires TCL/TK 8.5 or later.

TKproE consists of a single TCL script file that can run on Linux, UNIX or Windows operating systems.

No license fees

There are no license fees associated with TKproE See the TKproE license .


The same TKproe installation package can be used on Linux, UNIX and Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP. Documentation is included in the distribution. 

History - current revision = 2.01

Changes for version 2.01

  1. An icon was added to the Action button bar to more quickly perform the File/Save function.

  2. Text and Table widgets are now properly saved.

  3. Two dialog boxes were added to allow configuration of child windows within panedwindow widgets.

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How to use TKproE

Read the TKproE documentation


The latest downloads of TKproE are available from

TKproE version 2.01


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